Robin Thicke Cancels Shows As Paula Patton Splits From Singer

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Photo: Gettyimages.com

Robin Thicke cancelled a few shows over the weekend claiming illness but it appears it is because his wife Paula Patton has separated from the "Blurred Lines" singer.

"We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time."-Patton told People Magazine.

They met when Thicke was 14.  He is now 36. They were married in 2005 and had a child in 2010.

At the time of writing, Robin has yet to comment on the separation.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Robin Thicke has a big D.....not so fast....

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  1. A big D doesn’t mean a relationship will last. Just another example that marriage just ain’t worth it. Just a piece of meaningless paper that people can walk away from whenever they feel. Relationships take work and if you ain’t “willin’ to do the work” as Prince sang, don’t even bother. Who’s at fault here? Paula or Robin? Well, BOTH are. I feel for their child more than anything. They’ll find their next love and soul mate in a heart beat and go through yet another divorce and find the next love and soul mate after that. Such is the world we live in, especially in entertainment where careers take couples in opposite directions both geographically and emotionally. Sad…Sad…Sad. They BOTH shoulda tried harder. Period.

  2. Drfunkenberry ChiTownJill Aahh..OK…yes, time will tell!.

  3. ChiTownJill   He seemed surprised this weekend.  Let’s see how he responds in the next couple of months tho…

  4. Sorry to hear this but am not surprised:(

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