Thank You!!!!!!!! DrFunkenberry.com Hits 10 Million Views!!!

DrFunkenberry 10 Million

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!!

DrFunkenberry.com has hit 10 millions views!  That is nothing short of awesome for an independent music site!

For those that come here every day, if you hate the site or LOVE the site, thank you for coming here!  Thank you for Tweeting.  Thank you for Facebooking.  Thank you for telling your friend about us.  It really means a lot.

For those that have donated over the years to keep this independent site going through hard times, THANK YOU!!!  It is so appreciated!

I want to send a special thanks to some people who attributed greatly to DrFunkenberry.com's success.

Russ States, J.D., S.B., R.A., David Abeyta, and Raffi R.  Thank you.

Heidi Skinner; thank you for creating the logos that made DrFunkenberry recognizable even though the name was hard to work with.  You were never given your due and that lies at my feet.  For some reason when it came time to take care of you the way you took care of me, things couldn't work out for me to do so. Not going to make excuses.  I just wish I could have.  I am very grateful for everything you have ever done and for others looking for design help or someone to create a kick-ass logo, I cannot recommend Heidi any higher.

Lenny Kravitz, Katy Perry, John Mayer, Rihanna, Sade, Shwayze, and Lady Gaga.  Thank you for the exclusive stories over the year and the LOVE for the site you have shown in different ways.  It is appreciated greatly, especially by Lenny Kravitz and Mathieu Bitton.

To Andy Allo, Shelby J., Elisa Fiorillo, Liv Warfield, Cassandra O'Neal, Morris Hayes, John Blackwell, Mike Scott, Renato Neto, Maceo Parker, Mike Phillips, Greg Boyer, Bobby Z. The fDeluxe, The Original 7ven, Andre Cymone, Andrew Gouche, B.K. Jackson, Marcus Anderson, Adrian Crutchfield, Lynn Grisset, Steve Reed, Joey Raifield, Roy Agee, Damaris Lewis, Joshua Welton, Jason Franzen, Jesse Jenkins, Phil Lassiter, Sylvester Onyejika, Keith Anderson,  and Nick Marchione.  Thank you for being you.

Mad props to Andy, Shelby, Elisa, Liv, Julia Ramadan and Kiran Sharma.

Thank you to 3rd Eye Girl, Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford Welton, and Ida Nielsen.


Thank you for the exclusives of music, photos and news over the years.  You could have chosen anyone to get the news out about you but you still chose me.  I am extremely appreciative and grateful for everything over the time the site has been in existence.  I could never express how truly grateful I am to you. Thank you.

Most importantly, again, THANK YOU!!!!!  For the Lovers, THANK YOU!  For the so-called haters, THANK YOU!!!

Here is to 100 Million more hits!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Much Love & Keep It Funky!~

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