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[caption id="attachment_26407" align="aligncenter" width="466" caption="Prince Troubadour Promo. Photo: Unknown"]Prince Troubadour Promo. Photo: Unknown[/caption] What was supposed to happen Tuesday night, Prince rocking the Troubadour, actually happened Wednesday with not 1, but 2 shows at the legendary venue.  Prince told Ann Powers back in December 2008 that "Tell the Troubadour, I want to play there."  It took a few years but Prince did it.  As people were being let into the venue, there was Prince, on stage looking over things.  Prince told the people around "I counted my guitar picks so don't take any."  A girl in front of him said "I am excited for this show tonight, Prince."  He replied "Me too.  I actually am just going to listen tonight," pointing to his left as sax man Mike Phillips was setting up.  Prince left as the crowd around me started to talk. A man said "If I cry like a little baby, just know it's OK because it's Prince."  Another male said "It's a dream.  I am less than 10 feet away from him!"  A first timer of seeing Prince is told "expect amazingness and nothing else." A female says "I feel like a little kid."  These people know.  Prince is the greatest live performer alive today and to see him in a venue like the Troubadour is like your first kiss, your first love, 4th of July fireworks and your best birthdays all rolled into one. The band takes the stage without Prince.  It features keyboardist Renato Neto, Ida on bass, drummer John Blackwell, and Mike Phillips, who just got the call 24 hours ago to play with Prince, on sax. For full review, Click HERE!!!