2 Piece Bathing Suit

Rihanna Gives Us The 2 Piece With A Biscuit

Rihanna. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

While vacationing in St Tropez, France Rihanna took time to give us the 2 piece with a biscuit. We think we just heard a few people say “Yum yum, gimme some” through their computer screens.  Although the photo below, it looks like she is…um…”packing” and is that a zit on her upper thigh?  The packing […]

Rihanna Gone Wild! Girl On Girl Action

Rihanna was in Barbados for Kadooment Day dressing in a hot 2 piece bathing suit with full head-gear on. Sometimes, she does look nude or half-nude. Around the 54 second mark of the video, you see her grinding with another girl in the streets.  So it seems she had her girls gone wild moment.  Must suck to be […]