Russell Brand To Get At Least $20 Million In Katy Perry Divorce

Katy Perry & Russell Brand.  Photo: Fame Pictures.com

Katy Perry & Russell Brand. Photo: Fame Pictures.com

The rumors are true! Katy Perry and Russell Brand did not have a prenup and with Katie Perry making over $40 million while married to Russell, he could get half!

The couple was only married for 14 months, a full year more than Kim Kardashian, and that gives Russell half, according to California Marriage Laws.

While Russell hung with pals on New Years, it is being reported that Katy hung out in West Hollywood, California at the Abbey, flirting with some unknown male.  We must point out that The Abbey is a very trendy gay bar located in the heart of West Hollywood.

We cannot stress it more in Hollywood take Kanye's advice and get a pre nup people! $20 million is nothing to laugh at.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  How would you feel if someone took half of what you made in 14 months?