Extreme Couponing Returns For A 2nd Season. Yes, Really

Extreme Couponing is coming back for a 2nd season on TLC. Man, if only this was done years ago, my grandmother would have been the queen.

If you haven't seen the show, it follows people who are all into coupons and deals. The lady seen above has about $10,000 worth of items that she barely spent $1,000 but does she need all of it?

Ahh Americans. Check out the clip above. This one goes out to Latisha n all the other couponaholics out there.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: 2 Words: Double Coupon


Kim K Gets A New House; Sisters Get Picked Up

Kim Kardashian. Photo: GettyImages.com

Kim Kardashian. Photo: GettyImages.com

Kim Kardashina has just purchased a $4.8 million dollar house in Beverly Hills that Reggie Bush will be moving into shortly as well. 

She must have sold a lot salads at Carls Jr. for that.

Kim's sisters, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian will be returning to Miami for a second season of thier reality show.  Last time they were in Miami, Kourtney got pregnant.  What will happen this time?

It's quite interesting how far Kim and the Kardashian clan have come. 

Are you still keeping up with Kardashians?-Dr.FB