01-Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL-King's Place

PRINCE and 3RDEYGIRL will be playing THREE shows tonight, Feb. 16th, at KOKO in London the venue just confirmed.

#Prince Is playing 3 shows at KOKO tonight. Doors for the first show are at 6pm. If you don't get into the first show you are welcome to queue for the next one. Note: we are not able to answer any further questions about door times etc. as these are to be confirmed. #PrinceWatch

The prices for the last show were 70 pounds.  Venue has not confirmed price yet.

There was already people queuing in line before 8 a.m. this morning for the first show.-DocFB

Diagnosis: 3 shows...1 4 each eye....


Prince House Of Blues Tonight 3 Shows

As we tweeted earlier, Prince is doing 3 shows at the House Of Blues.

1st show doors open at 7 p.m. and tix are $200 bux on Ticketmaster.com still.

2nd show is sold out and was a $100 at 10 p.m. 

3rd show is a charity show with tix starting at auction at $500.00

1st show is at the main room.  2nd at restaurant.  3rd in Foundation Room.


Diagnosis:  Sometimes, The Funk Is More Than $25.00


Prince’s 3 Shows In L.A. March 28th Announcement Coming Soon

We all know that the  single greatest live performer in the world, Prince,  is doing 3 shows in L.A. on March 28th with 3 different bands.

What we haven't known is where those shows will take place.

We have received word that all 3 venues have been set and all that is left is for a few i's to be dotted and a few t's to be crossed with a 2 or 4 u thrown in for good measure as well.  Hopefully, the announcement will be today.

Don't hold us to it but hopefully ticket prices will be announced as well.  Regardless, March 28th is going to be off the chain. 

The Dr. has been sworn to secrecy as to where the shows will be, but trust me, as soon as we get word, we will pass it directly to you.

Elixer?  Yes, he does.-Dr.FB