Alec Baldwin To Retire After 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin To Retire?  File Photo
Alec Baldwin To Retire?  File Photo

Alec Baldwin To Retire? File Photo

Alec Baldwin says when his contract in 2012 ends on 30 Rock, he is done. Retired. Alec is still pissed at the voicemail incident from 2 years ago where mainstream media went tabloid in his book. This was brought up in a Playboy interview hitting stands this week.

From Matt Lauer doing an interview with TMZ's Harvey Levin before calling him about the incident with his daughter was the last straw with him ever being on the "Today Show" again.

His plans after he retires?

"I have this silly fantasy," he says. "I get married again, I have a kid. I'd love another shot at that, with everything I've learned. My kid's like eight, comes home and says, 'Dad, Jimmy's mom says you were a famous actor on TV and in the movies. Is that true?' And I go, 'Yes, Johnny, Dad was famous.' I whip out my scrapbooks and my DVDs and say, 'Believe it or not, that's your dad.' And my kid's like, 'You used to be on TV and everything? And now you stay home and just clean the house all day while Mom works?' 'That's right, son.' It's a dream, that the kid doesn't know anything about that part of my life. Our normal life is uncontaminated by it."

Let's see if he doesn't run for office. I think we all forgot about that voicemail...that is...until every time he brings it up.  Let it go. We know it bothered you but we don't want to be reminded of that Alec. Plain and simple, you have recovered and bounced back from it and made it the past. Do us a favor Alec for those that like you, leave it there.-Dr.FB