It’s Black Friday!

Well, Black Friday is here.  Being under the weather with some sort of illness the other doctors cannot figure out, I will be out of action to attend black friday, even if I wanted to.  All the excess money I have made since the site's inception has went back into the site so that is what it would go into.

I have been hearing it is going to be the worst holiday season sale since 1991. 

So, needing to pick up some more 7-Up n stuff, I drove by the local Best Buy expecting like 5 people. 

Um....more closer to about 200 people and tents.  That means by the time they open up at 4 a.m., there will be like 500 people there!  Seems you might get some people out for the early sales but that will be about it.

Do you plan on shopping today on black friday?-Dr.FB