Uranus? Lady Gaga Plans To Perform In Space In 2015. Seriously

Many think Lady Gaga is from another planet. In 2015, Lady Gaga plans to perform in space. Will it be a homecoming? Lady Extravaganza will be on-board a Virgin Galactic space shuttle to perform a one track during the 2015 Zero G Colony tech festival. The festival is expected to be over 3 days in […]

Pearl Jam Release New App For iTunes As Tour Goes On Sale!

Pearl Jam is set to release a new app for iTunes that will allow fans to access music, news, merchandise and more. The app also takes care of the band’s Ten Club Membership program for fans. “The app was created to serve all Pearl Jam fans, but it also allows our official Ten Club members […]

Lady Gaga Announces Release Date Of “ArtPop”, Single, And Phone App!

We are ready for a new Lady Gaga album, are you? The pop singer has released artwork for “ArtPop” above being released November 11th. Her new single, as yet untitled, will be released on August 19th. On September 1st, you will be able to pre-order the album along with app pre-orders the same day. TechHAUS […]

Justin Bieber Gets Holographic In New Will.I.Am Video “#ThatPower”

Justin Bieber is a hologram in the new video “#ThatPower” by Will.I.Am. There are quite a few Will.I.Am’s in this video as well. One thing with Will.I.Am, you can expect some pretty crazy futuristic cars in the video. “Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger.” Wait. Didn’t Kanye rap about that a few years ago. Will.I.Am is getting […]

Will.I.Am. Shows Off New iPhone Camera On Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Handler had Will.I.Am on “Chelsea Lately” where Will showed off his new iPhone camera made of faux gold. The contraption is kind of neat with different lenses that can be used. The camera is made by Will’s own company entitled “Iam+” and also increases the camera’s pixels from 8 megapixels to 14 megapixels. Will.I.Am […]