90’s Flashback Jam Of The Moment: TLC “Creep”

Stepping out on your man never sounded so funky as it did with "Creep" by TLC.

Has it really been almost 17 years since this song came out? Dang. The reason I chose this song as the flashback jam of the moment is that I woke up with TLC in my head and had to post about them.  T-Boz.  Chilli.  Left Eye.  Le sigh.

Who knows what other classic jams they would have made if Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was not taken from us so soon in a car accident where she was not wearing her seatbelt.

For now, I'm gonna enjoy this jam. Am I "creeping" to it? Does it really matter?-DocFB

Diagnosis: For real though....BUCKLE UP!!!!!!


Flashback Jam Of The Moment: Michael Jackson “They Don’t Care About Us”


Did you really think we would forget about Michael Jackson on this day?  We remember Michael, everyday.

Here is the Flashback Jam Of The Moment, featuring the 2nd version of "They Don't Care About Us" which was rarely seen in the US, showing the other version directed by Spike Lee. 

I am sure the hardcore MJ fans have seen it many a time, but we wanted to share it with you.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  We Won't Let This Be