Andy Allo To Appear In Upcoming Billboard Magazine Feature!

Andy Allo Photo: Billboard.com

Andy Allo stopped by Billboard Magazine earlier this week where she teased that she did a photo shoot for them. We have learned that she did a little more than that.

Our spies at Billboard stated that they did an interview with Andy and a special acoustic performance that will be featured on Billboard.com along with the interview.

Andy Allo Photos: Billboard.com

Allo is also set to perform at SXSW March 16th at Bar 96.

If you haven't already, make sure to catch her Guitar Center Sessions special on DirecTV, which is playing quite a lot this weekend!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Hoping she is the opening act on a certain West Coast tour....


Introducing Tamar Kaprelian “Delicate Soul” Acoustic Performance

Here is Tamar Kaprelian performing "Delicate Soul" acoustically, which will be on her Interscope debut later this year. 

If you dig the song, you can purchase it on I-Tunes right HERE.

Tamar has this message to you all who will be watching her video and hearing about her here for the first time:

Hey guys, here's a new acoustic performance. This is one of my favorite songs off of my new record--- called "Delicate Soul". The song is about all the excitement and all the fear that co-exists in a new relationship. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks Tamar and let me know what you all think.-Dr.FB