Prince, Stevie, Janelle, After Show, NYC, & North Sea

Sheila E., Stevie Wonder & Prince Photo: Mickey President Copyright NPG Records 2011
Sheila E., Stevie Wonder & Prince Photo: Mickey President Copyright NPG Records 2011

Sheila E., Stevie Wonder & Prince Photo: Mickey President Copyright NPG Records 2011

What a night.  Janelle Monae opening for Prince and guesting with him on stage and then......after midnight....Stevie Wonder!  The icon took center stage with Sheila E. and Prince to a funky rendition of "Superstition" to the crowd's delight.

Stevie jammed on harmonica and did lead vocals with Prince and Sheila backing him up til Stevie wanted to play and they lead him to the keyboards as Prince played bass.  Amazing.

Ahh.. But it wasn't over!  Shortly, after 2 a.m., Prince and Janelle Monae took over the Forum club with Shelby and the NPG.

Prince played drums over the track DJ Rashida was spinning to kick it off while the Prince's band and Janelle's got into place. 

Shelby was asking the crowd how are they feeling over "Can You Feel It" by the Jacksons.  "If you don't wanna party, I'm gonna give you 2 minutes to leave" Shelby said and let them know some "Brown Skin" was going to be happening up in this place.

"Til the sun came up" was the chant Shelby started n it continued almost until that time. 

After the chant it led into, "It Takes 2" with a funky bass solo by Ida Neilson.  It continued with "Got My Mind Made Up" with Prince on the boards and singing.  Prince then went to the far end of the stage as Janelle came up with a cool hat on. 

Janelle sings "It's like a river...love is not a fantasy..."  very heartfelt.

As Janelle gives it up for the NPG, Prince finds himself behind the boards again as the band kicks into "Stratus" then "Superstition" with Shelby J. on lead vocals.  "Brown Skin" is finally unleashed on us. 

Deacon Prince asks if sister Monae wants to say anything and she replies "I just want to say I've seen the light."  Prince and Morris joke around saying "Amen" and "Hey Man" and then Prince is just cracking jokes left and right like it was about to turn into comedy hour at the Forum.

" Janelle Monae and Stevie Wonder. Stop the presses.  Tell me I am not in heaven." is Prince's only reply after what was just laid down.  A freestyle from George 2.0 as Janelle Monae and Shelby perform "Outstanding" with Prince smiling and having a good time.

Prince, Shelby, and Janelle leave with chants of "Til the sun came up" ringing through the club.

What a night.  Eddie Murphy, Paula Abdul, Taylor Dayne, Sanaa Hamri and others were enjoying the night.

As we were there Prince news was being told to us that we want to share:

Prince will be attending the American Ballet Theatre Gala in NY on Monday.  Prince and the NPG recently donated $250,000 to them and it is being reported that the musical directors are in meetings with Prince.  We are sure they are not talking bout what their favorite salad is!

Prince will be playing the North Sea Jazz Festival and Poland.  All other dates that have been talked about, we cannot confirm with Prince's people.   We know we are slow to post shows outside the U.S. but until we get confirmation, we do not like to put the dates out there.  We apologize but it is better to be patient with overseas matters and get the correct information. 
Hope you understand.

Prince will be returning to Los Angeles after a week in Fresno and San Jose.  The dates that will see 21 Nights return is May 27th, 28th, and 29th, for Memorial Day Weekend. 

There is going to be more Inglewood swinging and we wonder if any more club shows like what happened at the Troubadour this past week.  A Doctor can only hope.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Was I really on stage tonight?


The Prince Of Melrose Avenue

Prince. Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles
Prince. Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Prince. Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

This has got to be one of the coolest celebrity stories we have heard in quite some time. 

We were contacted by our friends at SandGclothing.com about a shopper they had in there over the weekend.

It appears Prince was driving down Melrose Avenue in Hollywood and saw something in the window that caught his eye.  Prince along with Shelby J. (The singer with the newly shorn hair sitting next to him at the BET Awards) and another female went into the shop. 

The boutique owner was in shock that Prince was in his store.

"He looked fresh and clean and was wearing small clear glasses.  It was quite a site", said Gita, one of the shop owners.

Prince tried on several jackets and along with other clothes and wanted to know if he could have certain designs in purple and how long it would take as he is about to go on tour.  Shelby also shopped and a lot of earrings were picked out for possible tour mates and others on the tour.

He ended up ordering one of everything in purple.

It appeared that most of these clothes could be outfits he wears on the upcoming tour.  "It would be an honor to see Prince wearing the designs. This is a dream come true.  He is more than a celebrity.  He is an icon of the highest order, " Said Gita.

What's interesting is Sequoia is from Minneapolis and her designs were inspired by Prince.  She grew up listening to his music and it was through him that she drew inspiration.  A lot of the photos on the site, you could see where the inspiration could be drawn.

The Trench Coat. Photo: SandG.com

The Trench Coat. Photo: SandG.com

We asked Gita did he try to take a photo of Prince trying on his clothes to put in the shop.  "I had my I-Phone in my hand and I thought about it and Prince saw me and gave me a look, and I then decided not to."

People started coming in when Prince was in the store and noticed him and before any pictures could be taken, a bodyguard took control of the situation.

"We are so honored that Prince loved our clothes and was in the boutique.  It was an amazing moment that I will never forget."

We wonder if Prince wore one of the designs to an ultra exclusive BET after show that took place on Sunday Night at the Soho house on Sunset Blvd.  The show took place early Monday morning with Prince playing "Controversy" and other songs that the crowd took over singing as Prince entertained on a grand piano in only the way he can.

You can check out the designs at SandGclothing.com or if you are in L.A., the shop is open Wednesday-Sunday 1 P.M. to 8 P.M.  at 7414 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Ca 90036

Thanks to Gita and Sequoia for sharing this story exclusively with  DrFunkenberry.com. I smell a style file maybe JB?-Dr.FB