Screen Actors Guild Reach Agreement!

The Screen Actors Guild and major Hollywood studios have reached an agreement ending an almost year-long standoff that could have crippled the movie industry.  It is a 2 year deal.

Make no mistake about it, SAG is unhappy but decided they had to sign the deal.

Alan Rosenberg, a spokesperson for SAG had this to say: 

"The membership has spoken and has decided to work under the terms of this contract that many of us... believe to be devastatingly unsatisfactory. Tomorrow morning I will be contacting the elected leadership of the other talent unions with the hope of beginning a series of pre-negotiation summit meetings in preparations for 2011."

We understand SAG's hardship and why the feel this way but at the same time are VERY relieved the agreement was reached.  Hopefully, the economy will have recoverd more in 2011 but without an agreement, Hollywood would be hurting!-Dr.FB