Britney Spears Pens Open Letter To Fans; Releases New Album Cover

Britney Spears Britney Jean Album Cover

Britney Spears took it old school today, penning an open letter to her fans on pen and paper, then releasing the album cover to "Britney Jean" and letting you know she is a mom, is funny, and is your friend.

The artwork for the album is a black and white shot with Britney Jean in neon lights, which you can see above. Her written letter is below:

Dear Fans,
I haven’t sat down to write you guys in SUCH a long time. Long overdue! We’re all so used to getting our thoughts out in 140 characters, but sometimes its nice to take time to sit down and write something a little longer and more personal. I am putting the finishing touches on my new album, “Britney Jean” over the next few days and I am so excited for you to hear it. I poured my heart and soul into this album and it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and as I am finishing, I am reminded of the incredible foundation that has supported me for the last 15 years. Thank you all for continuing to follow me on this journey and for allowing me to do what I love to do. I can’t believe this is my eighth studio album and I know I keep telling you that it is my most personal record yet, but its true and I’m really proud of that.
I have been through a lot in the past few years and it has really inspired me to dig deeper and write songs that I think everyone can relate to. Working with people like Sia, William Orbit, and of course Will.i.am has been an amazing experience. They have listened to all of my ideas and helped me bring them to life. There are a lot of really fun, upbeat dance songs, but it was important to me that I show my strength, and my attitude, and my vulnerability. Of course, I also have some surprises for you guys ;)
I want to show you the different sides of Britney Spears. I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean.
Hope you love my labor of love!
Love Always,

15 years in business. Well, as a solo singer. If you count the Mickey Mouse Club, it is over two decades.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Well, we say the "Work Bitch" side of Britney so far.....and now this open letter. What will we see from Britney next? "Womanizer" part two?


Applause? Lady Gaga Reveals “ArtPop” Artwork

Lady Gaga Artpop Cover

Lady Gaga has revealed the artwork for her new album "Artpop" and surprise! She isn't wearing anything.

A blue ball/sphere cover her lower body while her hands cover her breasts. Why do we have a feeling there will be an alternate cover where she is not holding her breasts?

Gaga tweeted this about the cover:

“There is also a surprise! The center image of me is a new Jeff Koonssculpture to be exhibited nov.10 at the artRAVE ARTPOP’s release party!”

Her new album will be available November 11th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: A month away. Time for the second single and video to be released...


Lady Gaga Releases Worst Album Cover Of All Time! All Time!


The image above is the cover to Lady Gaga's new CD entitled "Born This Way" and for someone who usually brings it, Lady Extravaganza did not. 

Is she hell on wheels?  Hmm.  What do you think the message is and is the artwork as bad as we think it is?

BTW, "Born This Way" is set for release on 5/23/11-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Expected More From The Haus Of Gaga


Behind The Scenes of Tamar Kaprelian’s Album Cover Photo Shoot!

Tamar Kaprelian made sure that her album cover photo shoot was filmed and we are happy to share it with you all.

We have a feeling that Kaprelian is about to blow up and AOL's POPEATER agrees with us as they labeled her their "About To Pop Artist" feature which you can read HERE!

Kaprelian wants people to focus more on her music than what she wears. Now, I think that is cool but I can multitask and keep my ear on the music and my eyes on her fashion.  I can tell you, the music has soul and the fashion will come along shortly after. 

Do yourself a favor and get on the her bandwagon early while you can catch her at small venues.-Dr.FB