Album Cover

Britney Spears Pens Open Letter To Fans; Releases New Album Cover

Britney Spears took it old school today, penning an open letter to her fans on pen and paper, then releasing the album cover to “Britney Jean” and letting you know she is a mom, is funny, and is your friend. The artwork for the album is a black and white shot with Britney Jean in […]

Applause? Lady Gaga Reveals “ArtPop” Artwork

Lady Gaga has revealed the artwork for her new album “Artpop” and surprise! She isn’t wearing anything. A blue ball/sphere cover her lower body while her hands cover her breasts. Why do we have a feeling there will be an alternate cover where she is not holding her breasts? Gaga tweeted this about the cover: […]

Lady Gaga Releases Worst Album Cover Of All Time! All Time!

The image above is the cover to Lady Gaga’s new CD entitled “Born This Way” and for someone who usually brings it, Lady Extravaganza did not.  Is she hell on wheels?  Hmm.  What do you think the message is and is the artwork as bad as we think it is? BTW, “Born This Way” is […]

Behind The Scenes of Tamar Kaprelian’s Album Cover Photo Shoot!

Tamar Kaprelian made sure that her album cover photo shoot was filmed and we are happy to share it with you all. We have a feeling that Kaprelian is about to blow up and AOL’s POPEATER agrees with us as they labeled her their “About To Pop Artist” feature which you can read HERE! Kaprelian […]