Lead Singer of Warrant Jani Lane Found Dead At Age 47

Jani Lane Photos: SMNews.com
Jani Lane Photos: SMNews.com

Jani Lane Photos: SMNews.com

"Cherry Pie" was just featured in "The Change-Up" last week.  The song was a metal mainstay by Warrant and it's lead singer Jani Lane.  Jani Lane was found dead Thursday in Woodland Hills.

Lane was staying at the Comfort Inn off of Ventura Boulevard, a hang out of hookers and drug addicts right by a Denny's.  Lane was 47 years old and had been battling alcohol addiction for years.  We do not know of drug addiction but his alcohol battles were shown on VH-1's "Celebrity Fit Club" not Celeb Rehab show. 

Lane had several hits with Warrant including "Heaven" along with "Cherry Pie" and even married the girl from the "Cherry Pie" video Bobbi Brown for a brief moment in time. 

Warrant kicked him out of the group for his addictions and was trying to make it on his own. 

We will keep you updated on the cause of death as it becomes available.-Dr.FB

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Video: Before Whitney Checked Into Rehab, She Partied With Prince & Chaka

Last Thursday night, Whitney Houston found herself singing on stage with Prince and Chaka Khan.  After her performance, people were happy to see Whitney, but at the same time, were worried about her.  It seems they had reason to because she checked into an out-patient program for drug and alcohol abuse this morning. 

Check out the video footage above of Whitney with Prince and below with Chaka. 
We wish Whitney success in being able to beat her addiction.-Dr.FB

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Whitney Houston Checks Into Rehab For Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Whitney Houston   Photo: Gettyimages.com

Whitney Houston Photo: Gettyimages.com

Whitney Houston has checked into an out-patient rehab program for her drug and alcohol dependency. We are told it is part of a "long-standing" recovery process.  We had a feeling something was up.  It is being reported that Whitney enrolled in the program 10 days ago.

She was at the Prince concert at the Forum with her daughter with her as she performed twice, once with Chaka, and once later with Prince.

We did all whisper amongst ourselves that Whitney seemed like she fell off and felt sadness. 

We hope Whitney is able to fight off her addictions once again and wish her well, for herself and that of her daughter.-Dr.FB

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