Lead Singer of Warrant Jani Lane Found Dead At Age 47

Jani Lane Photos: SMNews.com
Jani Lane Photos: SMNews.com

Jani Lane Photos: SMNews.com

"Cherry Pie" was just featured in "The Change-Up" last week.  The song was a metal mainstay by Warrant and it's lead singer Jani Lane.  Jani Lane was found dead Thursday in Woodland Hills.

Lane was staying at the Comfort Inn off of Ventura Boulevard, a hang out of hookers and drug addicts right by a Denny's.  Lane was 47 years old and had been battling alcohol addiction for years.  We do not know of drug addiction but his alcohol battles were shown on VH-1's "Celebrity Fit Club" not Celeb Rehab show. 

Lane had several hits with Warrant including "Heaven" along with "Cherry Pie" and even married the girl from the "Cherry Pie" video Bobbi Brown for a brief moment in time. 

Warrant kicked him out of the group for his addictions and was trying to make it on his own. 

We will keep you updated on the cause of death as it becomes available.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Heaven For Him Really Isn't Too Far Away

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  1. He was Warrant……..

  2. He was and is a true rock star. A simple person from simple and hard times. You people sit and judge in the safety and comfort of your home behind a computer and in front of a TV… Making some. people rich that you booo..Simon.. He was a human being that gave more than you knew… Want to go on tour with no guarantee of success?? Passion, you lack but easy for to you judge. TMZ screwing you in the brain? Thought we were done with Mayor Jerry. Don’t judge unless you’ve been there. Some people like sucking off others. As The World Turns……

  3. Some of these comments are horrid. Jani, I grew up hearing your great voice sing your well-crafted songs. “Heaven” truly isn’t “too far away,” and I hope you’re there now. God bless you.

  4. RIP Amy Lane…they couldn’t make you go to “Rehab”, so now you’ve got to “Fly To The Angels”!

  5. Goodbye Jani. We will miss you. R.I.P

  6. Heaven Isnt too far away. Closer to it everyday;0(

  7. Cherry Pie was most certainly not metal.

  8. So sad 🙁 R.I.P. Jani. You rock!

  9. Got a picture of your house and your standing by the door……………You will be missed

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