Anna Faris

Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Are Married

Anna Faris and boyfriend Chris Pratt got married.  When? Well, we don’t really know but they have said they have. I did not post a photo of Chris because we wanted to spare you. I do want to wish the happy couple good luck and hope happiness follows them.-Dr.FB

Anna Faris Plays On The Beach: Shows Us How It’s Done

Ok, take note…..This is how to work a white bikini.  Married life must be the magic trick for Anna, she has never looked HOTTER!  She took time from her busy schedule this weekend to play in beach sand and the beautiful ocean with her new husband.  Sorry Anna, I can’t bring myself to post a […]


Anna Faris & Chris Pratt were spotted at Cat & Fiddle late last week.-Dr.FB

Anna Faris Observes & Reports

Anna Faris looked very beautiful at the Observe & Report premiere. She wasn’t looking like this at the Scary Movie premiere years ago, was she.  Time changes and so does plastic surgery.  Good job, but just saying.-Dr.FB

The Mystery Blonde Is….

The mystery blonde is Anna Faris.  The usually goofy girl was looking rather hot doing a photo shoot last week in Beverly Hills.-Dr.FB