DrFunkenberry Nikka Costa Interview April 2010

We were lucky enough to interview Nikka Costa last Friday at the Roxy before she performed.

Nikka did not feel camera ready as she was not all glammed up but she looked great and was amazing.  Nonetheless, we respect Nikka so I recorded the interview and present it now, as is. 

Nikka talks about recording her new cd, upcoming tour, and her daughter's love for Lady Gaga.

We want to thank Nikka for her time.  Nikka thanked me for always promoting her, even when right now, she does not have a label.  Let it be known, I support music I love and that moves me and I don't need a record label to tell me what I should love and tell me how I should move.

Hope you enjoy the interview.  Thank you Nikka for everything.-Dr.FB