Ipad Makes Dog Sing With Autotune

OK, I am not sure if I am digging this or if it is weirding me out.

The dog singing with the music and the auto-tune voice that comes over and seems like the Husky is in auto-tune as well.

What do you think of it?-Dr.FB


Video: Kat Graham Covers Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake”

Kat Graham (who?) has covered Paula Abdul's 80's mega-hit "Cold Hearted Snake and made this video for it.

So is taking hits from the 80's and updating it like crazy a cool idea or is it taking hits from the 80's being straight lazy?

She is kind of hot but auto-tuned liked crazy and not only did she remake "Cold Hearted Snake" she took Paula's "Knocked Out" video concept.

Hmm.  Guess Kat Graham is a biter but does she have a hit on her hands?  Funk it or dunk it?-Dr.FB