Megan Fox Marries BAG! Teen Boys Have Moment Of Silence

It just proves if you stick around ling enough, she will marry you. Megan Fox married Brian Austin Green (BAG) late last week in Hawaii.  The couple have been dating since 2004 and have been engaged a few times but the most recent engagement 2 weeks ago was the one that sealed the deal. As […]

Which Star Wore A Bag On Her Head In An Airport?

In The Bag. Photo:

So who was spotted at LAX looking like $ with a bag on her head?  Gotta love how she actually poses for photos after putting the bag on her head but wouldn’t before. So have you figured out who it is?  Well, the clock is ticking so….

Megan Fox Still Without Her BAG

Still No Brian Austin Green the last few times we have seen Megan Fox. BAG has been missing in action. New hair-do. Check. Going out to late-night parties. Check.  Could this break-up really be happening now or is he working?  Wait.  Did I just hear a few snickers on your side of the computer screen […]

Wait. What? Megan Fox Is Not Single?

A week after “breaking off the engagement”, Megan Fox is still with Brian Austin Green.  Well, at least hanging together. Megan picked up Brian’s son from school last Thursday and left his house Friday afternoon wearing the same clothes she wore the day before.  Hmmm.  Sure sounds like they are broken up. I always thought […]

In Order To Get To Megan Fox, You Gotta Get Thru BAG

Brian Austin Green giving the camera’s the eyes while they shoot the prize. Megan Fox and BAG were spotted arriving over the weekend at LAX after a great Thanksgiving weekend.  (How do I know it was great?  Um, hello, Megan Fox was there!)  Rumors are swirling they are talking marriage again.  Or do I mean […]