Rihanna Gone Wild! Girl On Girl Action

Rihanna was in Barbados for Kadooment Day dressing in a hot 2 piece bathing suit with full head-gear on. Sometimes, she does look nude or half-nude. Around the 54 second mark of the video, you see her grinding with another girl in the streets.  So it seems she had her girls gone wild moment.  Must suck to be […]

Spotted..Rihanna & New Lover?

Rihanna was spotted over the weekend with a new lover which is actually an old lover. No, it’s not Chris Brown.  She was in Barbados with the 24 year old former high school flame.  His name is Negus Sealy. We hope to have further info soon. If Rihanna’s people are reading this, you know what to […]

Rihanna Lands Back In Los Angeles

Rihanna is back in L.A. after short trips to Barbados, Hawaii, and New York. She made sure not to be around at all during Chris Brown’s arraignment.  We have seen her without her sunglasses since that “thing” happened, right?-Dr.FB