Adam Lambert Gets Into Fight With Paparazzi

Adam Lambert. Photo:

So Adam Lambert was trying to enjoy a chill day in South Beach yesterday where a pap was taking his picture for over an hour and Adam lost his patience. Adam asked the pap to leave as he felt he got his shots and says he was trying to be incognito, which explains that hat.  […]

Tyson Could Be Facing Up To 5 Years In Jail

Mike Tyson’s LAX incident where he hit a pap about 4 times, could be getting a lot worse. It appears that Iron Mike could be violating his probation of a cocaine bust in Phoenix in 2007, where had 3 years probation.  if files are charged by the pap, Tyson could be looking at time behind […]

Tyson Goes Tyson At LAX

Mike Tyson was arrested last night at LAX following him punching a pap who he felt was getting too close to his daughter and wife.  Friends of the pap said that he was taking his photo and nothing else, not getting to close and he just went off. Bystanders are confirming both stories so it […]

Breaking News! Man Files Lawsuit Against Chris Brown; Caught Lying On Tape

Late yesterday afternoon, this person in the video filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown for an incident on March 13th, 2009, the day this video is shot. He claimed yesterday in court that he was roughed up and suing Chris Brown for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, premises liability and false imprisonment. […]