Hayden Panettiere Saves The Whales

Hayden Panettiere was at the Save The Wales event last night for the Whalemen Foundation in Hollywood.  The event was held at Eva Longoria’s restaurant, Beso. This cause is very close to Hayden’s heart and has even spoke to students from here in Los Angeles to Washington.  It’s nice to see celebs who do charity […]

All About Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker was in Century City yesterday looking glamtastic although a bit shiny. She has been rather busy after “Desperate Housewives” wrapped for the year.  Keeping herself enthralled with other projects along with running her restaurant Beso and attending events with husband Tony Parker, she still has time to do her thing.  Keep on […]

Audrina Patridge Has An Eye-Rolling Birthday

Audrina Patridge celebrated her 24th birthday this weekend at Beso’s.  1 tip for Audrina, don’t get a dress where the top keeps falling down while you walk.  Audrina kept rolling her eyes while photographers kept taking her picture and trying to keep her boob from falling out.  There was not one pic where Audrina was […]

Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo: Still Going Strong

Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo had dinner over the weekend at Beso’s with sister Ashlee & dad Joe Simpson. We could not get a shot of both Jessica & Tony looking good so took the one of Jess looking good as I just watched “Employee of the Month” with Dane Cook and kinda liked it.  […]