Glee Set To Air After Super Bowl

Glee. Photo: GQMagazine.com
Glee. Photo: GQMagazine.com

Glee. Photo: GQMagazine.com

Well, it seems like the Super Bowl entertainment is coming together as FOX announced that GLEE will have a special Super Bowl episode airing after the game.

It has not been officially announced but we have also found out that the Black Eyed Peas are set to be the half-time show for the Super Bowl.

No word yet if Glee will have some Peas music in the episode but we can almost guarantee that they will do a musical number to "We Will Rock You" by Queen at the game.

It's fairly obvious that with the new super sexy GQ spread and now the announcement of a GLEE episode after the Super Bowl that they are trying to gain more male viewers.

So, I ask you, after the game will you stay tuned to watch an episode of GLEE?-Dr.FB