More Nude Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens Leak

Vanessa Hudgens.  File Photo
Vanessa Hudgens.  File Photo

Vanessa Hudgens. File Photo

Vanessa Hudgens, who has had photos of her leak a few years ago of her nude (the infamous return of the bush forest look) and now more have surfaced.

I will not be posting the photos because they appear to be taken around the same time as the other photos (And I don't need letters from Disney lawyers)...which was when she was under age. Although, this time, she appears to be covering up the bush forest.

She has a new movie called "Bandslam" coming out soon and it seems weird these photos get leaked at the same time.  I don't buy into it though because the photos ain't that hot. Either that, or she really does nothing for me.

To all the young actresses out there, stop taking photos of yourself naked with your funkenberry blackberry.  It can only lead to trouble!-Dr.FB