Can You Tell The Difference? Is It Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix?

SO is the T-Shirt image Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix?

U tell us! #Fail

Some say we all look the same.....-DocFB


Video: Happy Birthday Lauryn Hill! Lauryn Covers Marley’s “Is This Love”

It is Lauryn Hill's birthday weekend and we are celebrating by pulling out her performance of "Is This Love" by Bob Marley at Club Nokia back in April.

Happy Birthday Lauryn and we hope you all enjoy this performance of a music classic!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Not Sure If It Is Love I Am Feeling, But It Is Funky!


Reviews: Prince’s Pulls A Trifecta At The House of Blues

House Of Blues Shot. Photo: Cody B.
House Of Blues Shot. Photo: Cody B.

House Of Blues Shot. Photo: Cody B.

Prince pulled a trifecta at the House of Blues Wednesday night, providing over 8 hours of rock, funk, and soul that entertained, mesmerized, frustrated, and added to Prince's legend as the greatest living live musician of all time.

Prince took the stage after 9 P.M. and the upstairs area had more star power than American Idol that night with Tom Cruise, Katy Holmes, Tony Kanal of No Doubt, Dan Akroyd, Dr. Cornel West, Sanna Hamri,Tavis Smiley, Charlie Sheen, David Spade, Kelis, and later in the night, Bono.

For the full review of all  the shows, CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gwen Stefani Talks About New No Doubt Album

Gwen Stefani took time out from New York Fashion Week to talk about No Doubt and the new CD.

As much as we LOVE your clothing line Gwen, we CANNOT wait for the NEW No Doubt record!!!

Also, congrats to Tony Konal and his wife as she is pregnant. We hear he is giving it a healthy dose of Bob Marley and Prince and reads the baby stuff from Dr.Funkenberry.com every day! OK OK we added the last part but with Marley and Prince, that baby is going to be funky with or without us!

Are you guys looking forward to a new No Doubt record?-Dr.FB