Body Is A Wonderland

Video: Taylor Swift & John Mayer Perform “Body Is A Wonderland”

So unless you were there, the first you heard about this duet was, well,¬†right HERE. Well, you know we thought you like some audio to go along with the visual. So here is Taylor Swift & John Mayer performing “Your Body Is A Wonderland” and it is good.¬† Very impressive. What do you guys think?-Dr.FB

Exclusive First Pics!!! John Mayer & Taylor Swift Exclusive Taylor Swift & John Mayer Photo: Mike Taft

For a larger pic and MORE pics, go HERE! We have been getting a lot of exclusive news, photos and stuff seen here before anywhere else of new artists, icon’s and artists that matter, and that continues right here! Taylor Swift rocked the sold out Staple Center Friday Night in Los Angeles and she got […]