Behind The Scenes In Mexico With Katy Perry

Here is behind the scenes footage of Katy Perry on her California Dreams tour in Mexico.

I think my spanish is better than hers but she looks better in a low-cut dress, so we are even.

Check out the footage above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: You can call me ketchup?


Katy Perry Reacts To Husband Russell Brand Getting Deported To Japan On Camera


This is behind the scenes footage of Katy Perry while touring in Japan for her "California Dreams" tour.

Russell Brand, Katy Perry's husband wanted to see his wife and made the trip to Japan, but was quickly deported.  Russell tried to make light of the situation, so no one knows if it was earlier indiscretions in his career, or for something new.

Her reaction to his deportation is around the :30 second mark of the clip.  She makes light of his deportation and cheers immigration a little after the 2:00 mark as well. 

I lover her interaction with the Japanese fans she meets.  Plus, she is wearing a really cool Johnny Depp shirt.  Can't go wrong. 

She also riffs on Rufus & Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" with tour mates.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Katy Has Some GREAT Fans In Japan