Video~ Orianthi “According To You”

Here is the video from Orianthi's "According To You" and you all know I really like the song. I am surprised this song is not blowing up everywhere because it has that Kelly Clarkson Americana style to it.

She is currently featured in Michael Jackson's "This Is It" as she was to play with him before his untimely death.

The woman has played with Joe Satriani and Carlos Santana. Shoot, she even played in Prince's living room at his famous 3121 parties.

Straight up, I like the her and if you give her a chance, I am sure you will too.  Let me know what you think of the video.-Dr.FB


Introducing Orianthi


Here is Orianthi, who was to be Michael Jackson's guitar player on the "This Is It" tour. The 24 year old guitarist and singer hails from Australia.

She has played guitar with Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, ZZ Top and Prince I am told. She also recently backed up Carrie Underwood.

So what do you think of this female guitarist?-Dr.FB