Will Someone Please Give Victoria Beckham A Cheeseburger?

No wonder the rest of the Spice Girls met up without Victoria Beckham last week. Although all of them look healthy, they would feel fat compared to Victoria Beckham.  The chick looked very skinny arriving at LAX in L.A. over the weekend. Listen, I know that Victoria has looked like this for like 10 years […]

Lindsay Lohan Terrorizes New York

In honor of 9/11, Lindsay Slowhands Lohan is in New York to make sure you never forget terror. I kid I kid. But home-girl looked like she was constipated as hell while shopping in Soho yesterday. Her orange skin is def out of place in the NYC for sure. We can only imagine she is […]

Christian Bale? More Like Christian Frail

Christian Frail (Perez, don’t jack this one as well cabbage head) I mean Christian Bail was on the set of his latest movie looking skinnier than he did last week. Someone go to Burger King and get him a few Whopper Jr.s for 99 cents! You have to say this is part of the role […]