Child Support

Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathers A Child Of Household Staff Member

Maria Shriver & Schwarzenegger File Photo

We now know one of the main reasons Maria Shriver left her husband of 20 years; for fathering a child with a house worker of the family more than a decade ago! The house worker stopped working for the family back in January and it seems that is when Shriver found out.  According to the […]

Dr. Conrad Murray Has Medical License Taken Away

Dr. Conrad Murray was in court on Monday.  Not for the death of Michael Jackson but for child support payments. He gave $1003 dollars for child support yesterday and will be back for review in July 2010 for another hearing. Dr. Murray’s medical license was suspended yesterday due to him being late on child support […]

Dr. Conrad Murray Served Arrest Warrant

Too bad it is not over the death of Michael Jackson but Dr. Conrad Murray was served an arrest warrant for not showing up for a child support hearing. Man, this guy sure makes good decisions. BTW, the Michael Jackson investigation is to wrap next week with Dr. Conrad Murray still the only guy on […]