Katy Perry Releases A New Make-Up-less Clip For Part Of Me #-D Clip

Here is another clip of Katy Perry's "Part Of Me 3-D" movie, where the singer is make-up free. Wonder if we will see all of that in 3D.

We know what most people will want to see in 3-D when it comes to Katy. Trying to see more substance on the singer and will it only cover up til the end of her tour, or show more....say after her divorce from actor Russell Brand. Guess we will have to find out.-DocFB


Exclusive Clip Of Katy Perry’s “Summer Gurls” Video

This is the hotness right there. Not sure how true it is but we are told this is an exclusive snippet of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" video debuting soon.

This is the OFFICIAL clip so don't expect it to be taken down anytime soon.

Gonna melt my Popsicle? Say what? Yesss!-Dr.FB