Justin Bieber Passes Out; Rushed To Hospital!

Justin Bieber.  Photo:  Scott Council for Vibe

Justin Bieber passed out back stage at his concert at the o2 Arena with 4 songs left in his set. He was told to go to the hospital but wanted to finish the show for the fans and did so.

Before the trip to the hospital, they did give him oxygen in a private room from emergency personnel.

This is...kind of odd after a report earlier this week of him making the fans wait 2 hours for him to come on stage. Now, he won't go to the hospital without finishing the show for his fans.

Justin Bieber  Photo:  INFDaily.com

Bieber was seen around London last night wearing the gas mask he bought last week.

Hospital officials are saying Justin is OK but they are keeping him there to evaluate him more.-docFB

Diagnosis: Are you a "Believer"?....


Tony Romo Collapses After Cowboys Do The Same

Tony Romo Collapsed In Shower After Game.  File Photo
Tony Romo Collapsed In Shower After Game.  File Photo

Tony Romo Collapsed In Shower After Game. File Photo

To add injury to insult, after the Cowboys got whupped by 38 points knowing they have to win to get into the playoffs, the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys collapsed in the shower.

There were several reporters around so it cannot be denied.  Medical staff was summoned, a stretcher was requested, but Romo fought it off and faced reporters after for a press conference.  He tried to joke it off but this time was unconvincing.

Right now it is being reported he suffered a rib injury, possible broke a rib, during the game.  As a fan of the Cowboys, I am upset with Romo and the Cowboys, as a human being, I hope Romo is alright and I will leave it at that.-Dr.FB