Police Confirm Balloon Boy WAS A Hoax!

Baloon Boy & Family. AP Photo Courtesy ABC
Baloon Boy & Family. AP Photo Courtesy ABC

Balloon Boy & Family. AP Photo Courtesy ABC

A Colorado Sherriff have confirmed the "Balloon Boy" was a HOAX. Drfunkenberry readers who trusted my judgment knew this was a hoax on Friday.

The dad calls the local TV stations before calling the police. His "overacting" crocodile tears after the boy was found in the attic. The boy saying "We did this for the show" on a live interview on CNN. But people still believed this load of HOT AIR.

The photo above shows the balloon all sealed up. You all believed that a balloon made of helium could hold a small child? Come on now!

So, as I asked before, did the media play into the hands of the Balloon Boy Hoax? Yes, they did. Criminal charges and everything should be thrown at this so-called father for his antics and making his children and family partake in this B.S.

People asked me to prove this was a hoax. You had the evidence in front of you all along. The father, does not know the difference between good attention and bad attention, he just knew attention, in the end, that was his downfall.-Dr.FB