Video Premiere: Ke$ha Releases Video For “Crazy Kids” Featuring Will.I.Am! Watch Now!

Kesha Crazy Kids Promo

Ke$ha (Kesha) has released a video for "Crazy Kids" featuring Will.I.Am. or the Will.I.Am Hol.O.Gram.

Hasn't somebody laready rapped Gucci with Coochie? Can someone trademark it so we don't have to hear it again?

I like the second part of this song and the video. Even with Will's mumble rap.

I rather Ke$ha make music than hear about her drinking her own urine. Yup, that was aired on MTV last week. Heaven forbid they bring back music video's when they can show Ke$sha drinking her own batch.

So, I like the song and the video. Parts of it. Can't something keep my attention for 4 minutes anymore? Sigh. BTW, great live performer, even with the "Beard" dancers.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The 3rd Eye is in hand....