Dark Knight Rises

The Official Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer Released! Watch Now

The new Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer has been officially released.  That still is not stopping it from being taken down. A week after Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” hit the Internet, and was taken down everywhere, Warner Bros. has officially released the trailer.  It debuted with the new “Harry Potter & The Deathly […]

Top Searches For DrFunkenberry.com 07/12/11

Katy Perry. Photo: Twitter.com/KatyPerry

Top Searches bringing YOU to DrFunkenberry.com for 7/12/2011 1. Chris Brown 2. Rob Grill 3.  Amy Winehouse 4. Katy Perry Mermaid 5. Hugh Hefner Young 6. Plank For Peace 7. Batman Dark Knight Rises Poster 8. Baseball Fan Nearly Falls 9. Nicki Minaj 10. Paris Jackson -Dr.FB