Stevie Nicks To Release DVD Documentary; Play Herself On “AHS”

Stevie Nicks Photo: music-mix.ew.com

Stevie Nicks will be releasing a DVD documentary on December 3rd entitled "In Your Dreams" and will also be playing herself on "American Horror Story" in the next season.

Nicks will be having signings for the DVD including one December 4th at the Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles at The Grove.

The DVD will focus on Nicks as she collaborates with Dave Stewart in her first record in over a decade.

Nicks called this "the greatest year of my life" and felt compelled to share the joyful experience with her fans.

The DVD is currently available for pre orders. The limited edition deluxe dvd bundle that included a DVD personally signed by Nicks, a handwritten individually numbered limited edition of a letter by Nicks and never-before seen photos has already sold out its 1000 copy limit.

For more info on the DVD release, click here!


Old School Jam Of The Moment : “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) By The Eurythmics

Our Old School Jam Of The Moment is "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) by The Eurythmics. The single debuted in 1983.

"Sweet Dreams" surprisingly is the duo's ONLY number 1 U.S. hit. The duo consisted of Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox, who pulled the androgyny act long before Lady Gaga did.

The band broke up a few times and got back together but have been broken up since 2005.

Enjoy "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) by The Eurythmics, our Old School Jam Of The Moment.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Schweet Dreams......


Old School Jam Of The Moment “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)”

Our Old School Jam Of The Moment is "Sweet Dreams" (Are Made Of These) by the Eurythmics, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox.

You know it's still funky!  Are you digging it?  Happy hump day btw.-Dr.FB