David Carradine’s Family Wants FBI Involved

David Carradine File Photo
David Carradine File Photo

David Carradine File Photo

Not satisfied with mixed reports of why David Carradine died, weather it was suicide or foul play, Carradine's family is asking for FBI help and is receiving it.

David's body was found in Bangkok last week hanging from his closet.  Mark Geragos, Chris Brown's lawyer and the infamous lawyer who protected Michael Jackson & Scott Peterson spoke out about the Carradine's family's request.  The family was upset earlier this weekend when a Thai newspaper posted a photo of Carradine hanging.

You guys may have seen that since the death of Mr. Carradine, Bill killed Bill, if you must, I have been silent where there has been at least 2 stories on every other major blog site.  My thing is I guess I don't like speculation and I like facts.  I do understand that if I did just speculate it would bring more attention to here on this story and in time, I will have to do crap like that.  For now, I rather give you the facts and the facts are right now, they are unsure if it was suicide or foul play.  Was he doing a sex act? 

We will find out soon.-Dr.FB


Actor David Carradine Found Dead In His Thailand Hotel Room

David Carradine was found dead in his hotel room in Thailand. His cause of death is unknown at this time. 'John Arthur Carradine' was born on December 8th, 1936 in Hollywood, Ca.

Carradine rose to fame as 'Kwai Chang Caine', on the Television series "Kung Fu". Carradine is a four time Golden Globe nominee. He was also known for his psychedelic lifestyle and devotion to Eastern Philosophy.