Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber Do “The Graduate” In New Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber. Photo: Elle Magazine

Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber. Photo: Elle MagazineKim Kardashian & Justin Bieber. Photo: Elle MagazineWe knew this was happening a few months ago but the photos are hotter than we thought they would be.

Justin Bieber teamed out with Kim Kardashian for a photo spread for Elle Magazine, using the movie "The Graduate" as inspiration for the shoot.

When Justin & Kim first met at the White House Press Dinner, Kim was getting death threats from fans.  We wonder how they will respond to this photo shoot? 

We think it's cute and sexy and not as creepy as we thought it would be.  What do you think?-Dr.FB


Kim Kardashian Gets Death Threats By Justin Bieber Fans

Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.comOne innocent photo at the White House and fans go nuts. 

Justin Bieber tweeted after taking a photo with Kim Kardashian to take a look at his new girlfriend.  Totally joking obviously.  Kim tweeted back that she has Bieber fever. 

That's all it took for Bieber fans to start attacking Kim via Twitter and send her death threats.  Kim let Justin know and Justin tweeted that they are just friends. 

I am sure his management...if they still aren't in jail.....was none too happy.  They need Justin to appear single for his female fans. 

Besides, from what we learned from Justin so far, he likes ladies in their 30's so Kim is too young for him anyway!-Dr.FB