Brooke Mueller Checks Into Rehab

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Charlie and Brooke Sheen

Charlie Sheen is really lucky.....and pretty smart.   Just when he is about to face charges in Denver for an incident with his wife Brooke Mueller and Brooke has just checked herself into drug rehab.

On the day of the incident, Charlie Sheen had a blood alcohol level of 0.5, a legal limit, while Brooke's was 3.7, way over the limit.  After saying that Charlie attacked her, she later recanted the story, but the police went ahead and charged Sheen.  When the charges were filed, Brooke was still wanting them dropped and has stated so.

Now, with her checking into rehab, it's going to hurt their case against him.  Now, did she really need help or is this all part of a plan to make sure Charlie gets off again?

Why do I have a feeling no one really cares regardless?-Dr.FB