Diddy Dirty Money

Video: “Looking For Love” Diddy Dirty Money Featuring Usher

Here is the latest from Diddy Dirty Money video “Looking For Love” featuring Usher. Maybe if this was 1999, this video would work. I keep looking at Usher’s beard and think, dang, Rick Ross lost weight! Not sure if she is “Looking For Love” but bringing up Biggie again? Sigh. There are a few tracks […]

Skylar Grey: From Eminem To Dre To American Idol To Record Contract

  Skylar Grey may sound familiar to you.  She sang the hook “To Love The Way You Lie” with Eminem at the Grammys last month and also sings the hook to “I Need A Doctor” the first track from Dr. Dre in almost 10 years. She has also recorded with Lupe Fiasco on his latest hit. […]

Video Premiere: “I’m Coming Home” By Diddy Dirty Money

Here is “I’m Coming Home” by Diddy Dirty Money.  The group is made up of Sean Combs, Dawn Richard, and Kalenna Harper. The hook is all right but not sold on it.  The video is somewhat a throw-back to the past of videos from Diddy in the late 90’s.  He just had to use the […]

Video Premiere: Diddy – Dirty Money & Drake “Loving You No More”

Here is “Loving You No More” by Diddy – Dirty Money featuring Drake.  Diddy returns bringing Dirty Money with him.  Guy has more names n groups than he knows what to do with. This time, he hooks up with Drake and promotes the heck out of his own Vodka, Ciroc.  Drake’s flow is crazy cool.  […]