Nude Photos Of Britney Spears Surface

Britney Spears File Photo
Britney Spears File Photo

Britney Spears File Photo

TMZ first posted nude photos of Britney Spears but the TMZ watermarks kind of made it uncensored.  Thankfully, Dlisted got a hold of the real uncensored photos and posted them.

The photos are from her "Gimme More" video shoot when all the craziness was surrounding Britney Spears from a shaved head to other things. Thankfully, she has recovered from that somewhat. 

For those attacking Britney, she has had 2 kids and I believe had the boob job before they were born.  It might be time to get them fixed. 

Regardless, I still love Britney and I am posting these photos only because they are a hot topic.  I am sure I will be burned for that but it's better then ignoring it all together. The reason I never posted the Rihanna nudes is because it was unclear if it was her or not.  This one is clearly Britney.-Dr.FB