The McCourt Divorce Is Going To Court

Frank McCourt & Jamie McCourt Separate. Photo: LATimes.com
Frank McCourt & Jamie McCourt. Photo: LATimes.com

Frank McCourt & Jamie McCourt Separate. Photo: LATimes.com

If you guessed our blind item from last week, you knew it was about the Dodger owners The McCourts.

Within a day of the BLIND ITEM post, TMZ busted Jamie McCourt with a younger man, in fact, someone who worked for the Dodgers and was fired a month before.

McCourt fired Jamie last week by email and press release and changed the locks on her so when she came into the office the next day,  she couldn't get in.

Frank has filed as him being the sole owner of the Dodgers. Jamie is filing for divorce as well and is asking for close to 500 grand a month. Wow. Jamie is warning Frank if he does not comply, she will drop some bombshell's in the court room. She will be in court today to try to be reinstated as co-owner of the Dodgers.

Hmm. What is that bombshell she will drop? If you remember that blind item, you know what is coming next!

BTW, thanks to the Funkenberry readers who posted on TMZ about the blind item. I did see they removed the comments but thank you nonetheless!-Dr.FB