Breaking News! Chris Brown Sought For Felony Battery! Rihanna Pulls Out Of Grammys

Chris Brown Wanted By L.A.P.D. File Photo

Chris Brown Wanted By L.A.P.D. File Photo

Chris Brown is being sought by police for felony battery.  Chris and Rihanna both pulled out of the Grammys last minute.

Chris is under investigation for allegedly beating a woman after 12:30 A.M., which was after Clive Davis's Grammy Party.  Chris and Rihanna attended the event together with Chris not looking so happy.

Access Hollywood had on their page earlier saying a Grammy Rep has disclosed that Rihanna had a visable bruise on her face.  That comment has since been taken down off of the site.  We are following this story and we can say the police are looking for Chris Brown right now to arrest talk to him.

The woman is not being identified because she was assaulted but it is more than likely Rihanna.  We are hoping it is not but it more than likely is.


This story is developing and we will be following......