More Info On Upcoming Green Lantern Movie

Green Lantern.  Art Courtesy DC Comics

Green Lantern.  Art Courtesy DC ComicsMarvel Comics is not the only one with big movie news as DC Comics through Warner Brothers Pictures announced more news regarding the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie.

Marc Guggenheim, who I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend, is writing the Green Lantern Movie.  He did a recent interview with Sci-Fi and had a lot to say. The movie, whose budget is a staggering $150 Million, still does not have a lead actor for the Hal Jordan version of the series.

Marc had this to say about the rumors that Bradley Cooper & Chris Pine are being considered for the role:

 "I mean, they're all false insofar as we haven't chosen anyone yet. They're still in the negotiations, you know? There's a lot of names being talked about, and there's a lot of people being met, and a lot of ... actors reading the script."

Marc has done a lot in the industry so far, TV, movie and in comics as well and I am pulling for the "Eli Stone" writer.  I am worried about the "150 Million" budget but have a feeling if anyone can make a profit from that, Marc and the boys can.-Dr.FB


Meet Mark Guggenheim This Saturday In L.A.!

Mark Guggenheim. Photo:Comicbookresources.com
Mark Guggenheim. Photo:Comicbookresources.com

Mark Guggenheim. Photo:Comicbookresources.com

This is for all my comic books and my friend Edward, you can meet one of the creative team members of the Spider-Man comic book as well as the brains behind TV shows like "Eli Stone" and "Law & Order".

Mark Guggenheim will be at Collector's Paradise this Saturday June 13th, from 12 P.M. to 3 P.M. where is promoting his new project Resurrection #1. Also, Mark Sable has been added to the signing as well. Sable is the writer of Unthinkable.

For more info on the appearance and for your Super Hero needs please visit: http://comicsandcards.net/events.html

It should be a fun interesting event and support the arts and your local comic book shop.-Dr.FB


Dirty Sexy Money on ABC = All But Cancelled

Blair Underwood As Simon Elder On Dirty Sexy Money.  Photo: ABC.com
Blair Underwood As Simon Elder On Dirty Sexy Money.  Photo: ABC.com

Blair Underwood As Simon Elder On Dirty Sexy Money. Photo: ABC.com

The show that has been losing steam but is frickin great is cancelled but not in that word. Production has been stopped on Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daises, and Eli Stone.

All shows were blockbusters last year during the writers strike but they did not capatilize and waited til this year for new episodes.  It hurt them.

Dirty Sexy Money is just in a god-awful time slot against the CSI monster.  Last weeks episode was the best by far but it was the next day when they were told they will be allowed to film the last order of episodes (13) but will not be ordering more.  ABC is really making a bad choice here.

Dirty Sexy Money will air this Wed, but if everyone and their grandmother does not watch it, the show is done!-Dr.FB