Jennifer Lopez Speaks: “The Marriage Was Not Right”

Jennifer Lopez Vanity Fair Cover Photo: VanityFair.com

Jennifer Lopez is opening up in the latest issue of Vanity Fair with her on the cover.  She speaks about her marriage saying “It was not right” and how she still believes in love and marriage and that it was her biggest dream to make the marriage work. Jennifer spoke candidly about the marriage and […]

Jesse James Released From Rehab; Father Talks When He Shouldn’t

Jesse James.

Jesse James came out of sex rehab yesterday looking longer in the beard and…oh my…he was not wearing his wedding ring.  Guess not wearing a ring means divorce papers have been filed, right? Nothing has been filed yet, so read whatever you want about not wearing a wedding ring.  It’s not like he respected the […]

Sofia Vergara Has Gas

Man, whenever I am pumping gas, it’s usually some guy who looks like a life-like version of Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” and his pants are falling down. Sofia Viagra Vergara was spotted in Miami pumping her gas and she looked like something out of a music video dream sequence.  Who looks that hot pumping […]

No Shock. Debbie Rowe Says Michael Jackson’s Kids Aren’t His.

Debbie Rowe spoke over the weekend that Michael Jackson’s kids are not his. She says it was a different sperm donor. No crap.  I think we all know that those kids were not biologically his.  It does not change the fact that he was their father for the past 12 years, biological or not.  I […]