Prince Is Bringing Purple Back….

Prince Attends Fendi.  Photo:Wireimage.com
Prince Attends Fendi.  Photo:Wireimage.com

Prince Attends Fendi. Photo:Wireimage.com

It's a bird, it's a plane....it's Prince? The guy can play every instrument known to man, so why can't he fly? I mean I have seen a photo where it looks like he can levitate. With this Superman-like type pose, I am not going to put it past him.

Prince attended the Fendi show today in Paris, showing off some skin to show you he still has it.

The purple jacket looked a little big on our man but pulling that Superman look, that may have been the idea.

We have been seeing a lot of the purple one and hearing a lot as well.  Also, hearing a lot of rumors about shows and I think that will happening for a while.

I still do not have confirmation on anything happening this weekend but if it does, I will let you know. I wish I could party with you all if it does happen, but who will run the site?

The local news in L.A. has been kicking off the entertainment reports with Prince attending the Chanel Fashion Show yesterday.

On that note, enjoy the one n only purple one, um, wearing purple.-Dr.FB