Prince Almost Throws Down With Local Musicians

Wow.  Funk legend Prince showed up in his hometown of Minneapolis last Friday night at First Avenue, where the best rock & roll movie of all time, "Purple Rain" was filmed and released almost 26 years ago. 

A band of local musicians called GAYNGS was playing there and Prince was getting the itch to play.  So much so, he brought his own guitar, but decided "They don't need me" and did not take the stage. 

Prince is still rocking the no-makeup look and it is nice to see the brother smile.  We have been hearing he has been having a few good reasons to smile lately.

Check out the photos from that night HERE!!!!!!!!!!

He's still rocking the heels right?  Or are we getting some flat footed funk from the purple one?-Dr.FB

P.S. thanks to Douglas for the tip.