Tiger Beat: Another Endorsment Deal Gone

Tiger Woods File Photo
Tiger Woods File Photo

Tiger Woods File Photo

Here is your Tiger beat for 12/14/2009

Elin Nordegren, Tiger's actual wife if you remember, was spotted in Florida this weekend no longer wearing her wedding ring.

Tiger Woods has been dropped by Gillette for the time being but not fully.  Perhaps trying to make sure that he does somehow pull a Kobe Bryant and is able to rehabilitate his career.

Accenture, a global management service has dropped Tiger Woods as an endorser.  So far, Nike, Tiger's biggest endorser, has not dropped Tiger.  And yes, we have heard all the "Just Do It" jokes.

Children services stopped by Tiger's residence on Friday to check on the well being of the children.  Everything checked out OK but they will be back.

Tiger Woods is reportedly in Palm Beach, Florida and so it seems mistress #1, Rachel  Uchitel is there as well.  Rachel is with family however.

It is quite interesting that quite a few of the girls Tiger hooked up with were reality show stars.  Now, if someone is wanting to be a celebrity or looking for fame, wouldn't that make them not a good choice to get it on with.  As for the adult film stars, they tend to have big mouths as well, no pun intended. 

The more the women keep quiet, the more pressure will be off of Tiger.  We will see if that happens today and in the coming days.-Dr.FB